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BFTT Program

AP Labs has been involved in the US Navy BFTT Program since 1995. Our primary role is to act as the BFTT hardware production facility and system integrator. In addition, AP Labs provides engineering services, design and logistics support to the program.

The Battle Force Tactical Training (BFTT) System is a highly flexible, interactive unit and group/force level tactical combat training system. The mission of the BFTT system is to provide training capabilities for fleet personnel to achieve and maintain combat readiness within the surface and submarine forces of the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets. The BFTT system supports joint/allied exercise interoperability and provides Commanding Officers, the Afloat Training Organization (ATO) and Battle Group/Battle Force (BG/BF) commanders with the ability to conduct coordinated, realistic, high stress combat system training for developing war fighting proficiency and maintaining combat readiness. A major thrust of the BFTT system is to provide a dynamic interactive war fighting environment that includes all naval force elements. The BFTT system supports worldwide training of the full command and decision line including multiple warfare areas for vessels in port and staffs ashore or embarked.

Training of integrated forces or independent ships are supported by the BFTT System. The shipboard subsystem training capabilities are organic and designed around existing onboard/embedded trainer configurations. The BFTT system wraps around the combat system, and stimulation/simulation of the combat system is transparent to the operators. All controls and displays are in a tactical mode. Combat system monitoring devices are non-intrusive and have no negative impact on system operation.

The Communications Subsystem provides a training data link that complies with Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) standards. Offship BFTT system communication is via the Navy Network (NAVNET)/Defense Simulation Internet (DSI) Network.

Capable of passively monitoring data from ownship's tactical systems, recording the data for post event processing, and passive and dynamic replay to assist in self assessment, the BFTT system also will assess the combat system team/operator response to the scenario, the implementation of force orders at the unit level in a multi-warfare environment and the planning and coordination by the composite warfare commander for warfighting disposition and employment against BG/BF threats.

Selected data is collected to provide real time and post event feedback of operator and team performance and transmission in real or near real time to a shore site for further processing after a training event. This then transmits all BG/BF reconstruction, performance assessment, and debrief data via the training network to each platform. The shore site is able to provide display, debrief and Measure Of Effectiveness (MOE) reports within six hours of exercise completion. Performance assessment reports cover all command levels from the Battle Group commander through individual operators aboard ship.